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Welcome to Bison Transport’s Resource Page:

On this page, you will find links to many of Bison’s programs, infographics, white papers and videos.

Program Links:

1) New Driver Finishing Program (information for those with under two years of professional driving experience)

2) Careers for transitioning Military (information for those looking to transition to a civilian career with Bison)

3) Drive in Canada (information for those looking to move to Canada and drive with Bison)

4) LCV (Long Combination Vehicle) Weekend and Night Premiums (information on our premiums paid for our LCV Drivers)

5) Maintenance Career Opportunities Page (information on Bison’s maintenance program including career information)

6) Owner/Operators Wanted (information for those interested in building their business as an Owner/Operator with Bison)

7) Service Offerings (information for potential and current customers interested in learning more about Bison’s services)

8) Canada/US Short Haul Premiums (information for those interested in running lanes in the Northeast)


Resources – Infographics, SlideShare Presentations, Guides and Whitepapers:

1) Together We Survived The Coldest Winter Since 1898! This is an infographic with some interesting stats about how brutal the winter of 2013/14 was.

2) Winter Survival Kit (this links to a PDF ‘Winter Survival Kit’ for professional Drivers)

3) 4 HOT Tips to Start a Tractor in COLD Weather! 

4) 6 ‘Must Know’ Winter Wildlife Driving Tips!

5) 9 Essentials Of Sharing The Road Safely With Trucks These tips are great for novice drivers. 

6) 10 Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

7) What Drives You? How To Choose The Right Carrier (To Drive With) 

8) ELD Mandate: Pesky Compliance Device or Efficiency Creation Tool? (Four part series)


YouTube Videos/Playlists:

1) Equipment Tours – Watch tours highlighting the equipment that Bison works with.

2) Business Discussion Series – This is a fact paced video that gives a robust overview of what Bison is about and has accomplished over the past year.

3) Injury Prevention Series – This is a seven video series covering various safety related topics such as proper stretching techniques, three points of contact and sliding axles.

4) Driver Testimonials – This video series features many of our actual Drivers and their personal stories.

5) Bison Shop Series – This video series focuses on our Apprenticeship opportunities.

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