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Both sides of the coin: Denis Wallin’s mentorship story

At Bison Transport, we strive to empower our people in many ways. One of these ways is encouraging a culture of mentorship – in both a formal and informal capacity.  You’ve already read about Dave Fulawka, and how he engages in

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Bison teams ‘bring it’ for charity

Spirit and service are two of Bison Transport’s integral core values. Bison employees sure know how to show spirit and this past weekend was a perfect example of both our spirit and our service, as Bison teams brought their best at three

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How a Folding Bike Changed My Life

If you’re a regular visitor to The Transporter, you’ve likely already met Roger, a professional company Driver with Bison. This spring, Roger and Bison Transport approached DAHON folding bikes to test drive some of their bikes to see how they could

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On the Road with @bluejaysroger: Unpacking the Speed 8 Bike!

If you’ve been following the Bison blog, you’ve probably already met Roger, a professional Company Driver with Bison. Outside of driving steady miles with Bison, Roger wanted to improve his health and fitness. That’s where DAHON came in. Roger is

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On The Road With @bluejaysroger: DAHON Speed Uno Review

This summer, Bison has partnered with DAHON folding bikes to road test and conduct reviews of some of their bikes. You met Bison professional Company Driver Roger in our last post about the DAHON bikes. Roger is focused on cycling off

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